Why Would I Need Emergency Food or a Survival Kit?

pageimage.imgWhy would I need emergency food or a survival kit? Because of this simple fact: The world’s population rate is growing rapidly and so is the demand for food to feed this growing population. Our food demands are outgrowing our food supply resources, commercial growers just can’t keep up with this huge demand, so you do the math.

That’s not the only reason we could have a food shortage, just look at the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A perfect example of how a natural disaster can disrupt one’s ability to find basic living essentials during an emergency.

If you’re thinking this could never happen to me, think again!

I look at my emergency food storage just like I do my auto insurance policy, it’s best to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it. With my emergency food supply if I don’t need it we can always consume it.


Backpacking Survival Kit – Some New Ideas

12031paThere are the usual backpacking survival kit ideas that have stood the test of time. Almost everyone agrees that some way to start a fire, some medical supplies and some kind of blade are necessary. Other items, ranging from saws to signal whistles can be very useful, but their necessity in a basic kit are argued.

The following are the usual things that survival kits may have. After that you’ll find a few new ideas. The usual survival kit items: Fire starter (like a magnesium stick), waterproof matches, signal mirror, sewing kit, foil blanket, water purification tablets, fishing line and hooks, compass, fire tinder, plastic bags, duct tape, knife, bandana, nylon cord, paper, pencil or pen, dental floss, and a condom (the latter for carrying water in a wilderness emergency).

First aid items usually include bandages, aspirin or other pain killers, gauze pads, tweezers, and antibiotic ointment. More extensive first aid kits might also have splints, medical tape, sun block, safety pins, and a snake bite kit. Of course, any crucial medications you need are a good addition as well. You can buy your best survival kits from survivalkit.com.

New Survival Kit Ideas

Here are some ideas you may not have heard of. First, why not have two survival kits? Make one for all-around use on easy hikes and when using a vehicle (ATV) or bicycle. These are the times when it is easier to carry a little extra weight. Of course, the problem is that we tend to leave a kit behind – or even leave a whole backpack behind – when we want to avoid the weight, like when you see a summit you want to climb up to. That is where the second kit comes in.


Office Survival Kit for Businesses

survival-kitsAs we know, a disaster can strike at any time, no matter where you are.  Businesses would be wise to have an emergency preparedness plan, including an office survival kit.  In order to ready your office/business, develop a plan to ensure the safety of your people. Here are a few ideas to bring to work for your disaster planning as part of your urban survival supplies.

Ready.gov has an excellent section on business emergency planning:

Business continuity planning must account for all hazards (both man-made and natural disasters). You should plan in advance to manage any emergency situation. Assess the situation, use common sense and available resources to take care of yourself, your co-workers and your business’s recovery.

In addition to these steps, it is recommended to keep phone lists of your key employees and customers with you.  Make sure that your supervisors have access to this list.  Please visit Ready.gov for business emergency preparedness details and build or buy you office survival kit.

It is best to be prepared to shelter-in-place, no matter where you are.  Having an office survival kit is a great addition to your urban survival supplies.  Include items such as:

Food and Water:
Rest assured knowing you have food and water in the office kit, with proper nutrition in any type of disaster. These products have a 5 year shelf life.